This product focuses on ergonomics with a transmitter shaped according to the application needs: compact dimension, 25mm diameter motion buttons enabling easy use when wearing industrial gloves, mushroom head STOP button protected from falls.

WAVE S is ideal for electric hoists, overhead cranes, conveyors, small tower cranes, etc.

WAVE S transmitters are available with 4, 6, 8 double pressure motion buttons, and all feature a Start/Horn button, a mushroom head Stop button and removable “contactless” safety key for restricted operation as standard. Room for an optional rotary switch, push button, toggle switch or potentiometer is available.

START button:


The command for turning the radio system into working mode. Horn command is activated simultaneously to signal the machine is ready to operate.

STOP button:


The CAT4 (EN 954-1), mushroom head mechanically latching button is protected against falls by a bumper keeping at the same time a maximum easiness of access.


“Contactless” extractable key:


The contactless magnetic key is a standard feature in all radio remote controls.   No more metallic keys that rust and are not waterproof.


 Materials: synthesis of strength , lightweight and environmental care

IMET’s products comply with the directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

The materials we use are robust, mechanically and thermally stable and resistant to chemically aggressive environments


 Extractable rechargeable NiMH


Compared with the previous NiCd batteries, the new NiMH generation grants a larger autonomy together with a negligible “memory effect”.

The transmitter is equipped with an easily accessible battery slot that enables its fast replacement maintaining at the same time a perfect sealing against liquids and dust.

Gold plated contacts guarantee a long and stable electrical connection over the years.


Status Led:


All IMET transmitters are equipped with a led providing information about the working status, the battery level and coded messages




Models: (All Dual Speed—Double pressure buttons)

S4 4 way + Start/Stop.

S6 6 way + Start /Stop

S8 8 way + Start /Stop

L10 10 way + Start /Stop

L10-Duplex 10 way + Start /Stop + Duplex screen.

L12 12 way + Start /Stop.

All transmitters can be fitted with a 3 way or 4 way

rotary selector switch (optional)



S4—S8 75 x 43 x 180mm 375g

L10—L12 75 x 43 x 245mm 445g

L10+ Display 75 x 43 x 245mm 465g

Frequency Range 434.050—434.775Mhz

Seperation 25Khz steps

No of channels 30

Range ~100mts in clear conditions

Modulation GMSK

Output power 10mW ERP

Pairing addresses 65,536

Housing material Fibre re-enforced nylon

Protection IP65

Temp range -200C to +700C

Battery charger:

Power supply AC version 230V

DC version 11-32V

Absorption 3.3W during charging

Recharging time ~ 3hours

Charging temp. 00C to +350C

Dimensions 75 x 49 x 142mm

Weight AC Version 490g

DC version 250g




Power supply AC 24, 48, 110 & 230VAC

Power supply DC 12 to 28VDC

Absorbed power 20W max

Max. analogue outputs 8 – Voltage or Current driven

Stop relay volt free Category 4 6A

Start relay volt free Yes

Security relay volt free Operated by each motion button

Dimensions Type ‘L’ – 145 x 65 x 225

Type ‘H’ – 205 x 280 x 130

Weight 3.5Kg

Housing material Fibre re-enforced nylon

Protection IP65

Temp range -200C to +700C

Frequency range 434.050—434.775Mhz

Seperation 25Khz steps


Type ‘M’ similar to above except :-

Power Supply 12 – 28v AC/DC

Dimensions 180 x 120 x 73

Weight 1.0 kg

Mounting type DIN Rail for mounting inside

Control panel or box


Machine directive 98/37 CE

EN 330 220-3 (2000) (Standard SRD)

EN 301 489-1 (2000) (Standard EMC)

EN 301 489-3 (2001) (Standard EMC)

EN 61000-6-2 (Standard EMC)

EN 60204-32, 1998-10 (Machinery safety)

EN 60950 (2000) (Safety information technology)

1999/5/CE ack. by law decree 09/05/01 No 269 (Directive R&TTE)

ISO 13849-1 (Stop – PLe, Joysticks – PLd, Buttons & Switches – PLc)

EN 62061 (Stop – SIL3, Joysticks – SIL2, Buttons & Switches – SIL1)

89/336/CEE art. 4, 10.1& 10.2 attac