With a wide variety of overhead gantry cranes available, Pro Cranes can design a crane to match your exact requirements.

Pro Cranes can design an overhead crane or lifting accessory, whilst ensuring that the most appropriate components are selected whilst also offering the best possible price.

Possible solutions include:


Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Single Girder Crane

A single girder crane design is cost effective solutions with short spans up to 30 meters and for lifting loads up to 40t.

Either using a profile or box girder to suspend a electric wire rope hoist or an electric chain hoist on.


Double Girder Gantry Cranes

Double Girder Crane

Pro Cranes would propose a double girder crane for wider spans and lifting heavier weights. Either double profile girder or double fabricated box can be utilised depending on the exact requirements. A double girder crab trolley is suspended between the two beams assembly.

Pro Cranes can supply and install a double girder crane for capacities up to 160t. Double girder cranes can also be supplied with a fixed maintenance platform to allow safe and easy access on to the hoist and long travel drives.


Underslung Gantry Cranes

Underslung Crane

When floor-mounted gantry steelwork is not feasible or in areas with minimal available space an underslung crane offers a potential solution. With the gantry rail mounted directly onto the factory ceiling, a larger working envelope can be achieved make full use of the space available. Underslung cranes are ideal when latching system is required to transfer a load between different bays.


Goliath and Semi-Goliath Cranes

Goliath and Semi-Goliath Cranes

When no gantry structure is available or not feasible or the existing gantry is not adequate a floor running goliath crane offers a versatile solution. In situations, when only one gantry structure is available a semi-goliath crane is a solution. With one side of the crane floor running that the other attached to a fixed gantry. Either a single or double girder design can be utilised to produce a goliath crane.

Goliath and semi-goliath cranes are regularly used outdoor operations or in factories with limited steelwork.